Double-Header Seniors Home Christmas Concerts, and St. Albert Music Instruction Student Recital

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Monday was a double header of concerts! Ironwood Seniors Home had a Christmas party and no band, due to a cancellation, so we rounded up some of our community band members to entertain the seniors before travelling to Youville for … Continue reading

Aspen Lodge Concert

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We played for the seniors at Morinville’s Aspen Lodge for a Christmas Concert this evening…We were joined by St Albert Music Instruction students Dennis and Jacob, and our usual community of musicians and singers! Aspen Lodge made a donation to … Continue reading

Laurier House Concert

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We played a mixture of Christmas music and the usual favorites for the seniors at Sherwood Park’s Laurier House this evening…Our percussionist was unavailable, so we gave the residents percussion instruments and lyric sheets, and they sang and kept the … Continue reading

Smithfield Seniors Home – with special guest Mayor Leriger!

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We had an amazing evening playing for Westlock Hospital’s long-term care home Christmas party! The venue kindly provided us with a turkey dinner and a glass of wine, and we had the opportunity to meet Westlock’s Mayor, who happens to … Continue reading

Caleb Manor Christmas concert…..reached our Stollery fundraising goal!

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WE MADE OUR FUNDRAISING GOAL TODAY! Thanks to Caleb Manor for hosting the first of our Christmas Concerts this year, and for their generous donation, which they are sending directly to the Stollery Childrens Hospital. It brings our total fundraising … Continue reading

Capital Care Strathcona

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Our community group played for the seniors at Sherwood Park’s Capital Care Strathcona on Wednesday evening. We had a number of absentees due to winter colds and flus, but the four of us managed to entertain the seniors, as they … Continue reading

Bluegrass/Gospel at WECA

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Bluegrass Breaks teamed up with the West Edmonton Christian Assembly evening music team to put on a Bluegrass/Gospel concert at the church this week. We played lots of old favorite hymns, choruses and traditional country and Gospel songs for the … Continue reading

Chateau Mission Concert

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We had a wonderful time playing for the seniors at Chateau Mission in St Albert this evening…We were a ten-piece band, with fiddles, banjos, guitars, string bass, drums, mandolin and even a Russian balalaika instrument for the Ukranian set! As … Continue reading

Birthday party at Rosedale Seniors Home

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Bluegrass Breaks played for the monthly birthday party at Rosedale Griesbach in Edmonton this evening. We were down to six people as a result of colds and winter bugs going around, but we had lots of fun, and so did … Continue reading