Upcoming shows/commitments:

2020 was not the best year for the arts, due to numerous COVID cancellations throughout the year. Here’s what’s coming up in 2021!


In addition to teaching music students from home and at Dominelli School of Music, I’ll be leading and teaching Camrose ukulele circle online, and continuing as Musical Director with Dominelli School Ukulele Orchestra. Here are some additional events…


  • 5/2/21 – Presenting “Ukulele in 6/8 time” with Kyle Swenson at NCTCA Teachers Conference – Edmonton, Alberta (online)


  • 15/5/21 – Presenting “Ukulele Ensemble Playing” with Kyle Swenson at Calgary Ukulele Festival – Calgary, Alberta (online)


  • 19/6/21 – Performing with Kyle Swenson at Calgary Ukulele Festival – Calgary, Alberta (online)


  • 1/9/2021 – Fall teaching term starts at St Albert Music Instruction and Dominelli School of Music
  • 8/9/2021 – St Albert Cultivates the Arts ukulele classes – Online w/ Kyle Swenson
  • 20/9/2021 – Teaching at Camrose Library resumes, Mondays for ten weeks


  • 5/10/2021 – Classes start at Edmonton Lifelong Learners Association/University of Alberta-
    “Ukulele 101”



  • Festival Place ukulele nightclasses resume

Past Events


  • Teaching classes at Dominelli School of Music
  •  Teaching classes at Festival Place (Uke in the Park levels 1, 2 and 3) – Sherwood Park
  • World Ukulele Day concert – West Edmonton Mall, 1:30pm-2:30pm (Edmonton)
  •  Presenting ukulele class for Edmonton Schools (Edmonton)
  • Ukulele workshops w/ Kyle Swenson – St Albert Culture Days
  • Performing for Youville Seniors Home – Ukulele trio
  • Started work as ukulele circle leader/educator at Camrose Public Library
  • Sturgeon Composite High School – Teaching guitar class online
  •  Dominelli School of Music student recitals


  •  Ukulele classes – Dominelli School of Music (St Albert)
  •  Ukulele classes – Festival Place, Sherwood Park
  • World Ukulele Day performance, West Edmonton Mall
  •  Speaker at (ATA)  North Central Teachers Convention Association –
    Westin Hotel, Edmonton
  • Cheap Stix performance (keyboard) – Fionn MacCools (Edmonton)
  •  Recording with Twisted Wood Guitars
  •  Music classes – Dominelli School of Music (St Albert)
  •  Cheap Stix perform at Shakers Roadhouse, (Edmonton) (keyboard)
  •  Private Function (St Albert)
  •  Uke in the Park level 1 and 2 – Festival Place (Sherwood Park)
  •  Painters Guild Spring Show w/ Triptych Trio – City Hall (St Albert) (bass, ukulele)
  •  Rose Parliament performance – Naked Cyber Cafe (Edmonton) (keyboard)
  •  Studio Recording – Alberta Rose (Edmonton)
  •  Rose Parliament perform at Shakers Roadhouse, (Edmonton) (keyboard)
  • Dominelli School Ukulele Orchestra perform at Shakers Roadhouse, (Edmonton) RiverFest, St Albert – Alberta Rose (bass)
  • John Janzen Nature Reserve – ukulele group (Edmonton)
  • – Ukulele student performance – Festival Place (Sherwood Park)
  • Dominelli School Ukulele Orchestra – Yardbird Suite (Edmonton)
  • Porkapalooza Festival – Dominelli School Ukulele Orchestra (Edmonton Expo Centre)
  • Aboriginal Counseling Services/John Howard Society client barbecue – Alberta Rose events group, Edmonton (bass)
  • music for St Albert Bereavement Fellowship picnic – Lions Park, St Albert (ukulele group)
  •  “Woodst-uke” Celebration – Sherwood Park (ukulele)
  • Ukulele circle – St Albert Library (2pm)
  •  St Albert Culture Days event – St Albert City Hall (am) (ukulele trio)
  •  Alberta Culture Days ukulele workshops, St Albert Library
  •  Dominelli School Ukulele Orchestra – Bohemia, Edmonton
  •  Music Conference Alberta (presenter) – Hilton Garden Inn, Calgary, Alberta
  •  Teaching youth band – West Edmonton Christian Assembly
  • Student Recital – Festival Place (Sherwood Park)
  •  Accompanist w/ Festival Place Christmas Bus
  •  Christmas Ukulele Workshop – Festival Place (Sherwood Park)
  •  Christmas party performance – Dominelli School Ukulele Orchestra (Spruce Grove)
  • -Guitar student performance – Youville Home (St Albert)
  •  Dominelli School of Music student recital – Yellowhead Brewery,


  •  Recording at Twisted Wood Guitars
  •  Ukulele Circle – St Albert Library
  • Uke in the Park, beginner class and intermediate ukulele classes – Festival Place,  Sherwood Park
  • World Ukulele Day – West Edmonton Mall performance
  •  Personal Development Ukulele Workshop, CUPE Union – Muriel Martin School, St Albert
  •  Guitar/Bass Guitar Workshop – School of Worship, West Edmonton Christian Assembly
  • Ukulele Workshop – St Albert Library
  • First Aid Training
  •  Ukulele Class, end of term performance – Festival Place, Sherwood Park
  •  Studio Recording
  • Servus Place Expo Conference – Ukulele group performance, St Albert
  • Student Recital
  •  RiverFest event, St Albert – Alberta Rose
  •  School concerts, Landing Trail School, Bon Accord
  •  St Albert ArtWalk performance – St Albert Ukulele Circle, City Hall
  •  Recording with Twisted Wood Guitars – studio
  •  Student concert – Ironwood Seniors Home, St Albert
  • Recording with Twisted Wood Guitars – Myhre’s Music session
  • Edmonton Zoo Concert – w/ “The Commission Cheques” band
  •  Ukulele Circle – Cafe Blackbird, Edmonton
  •  In studio w/ Alberta Rose events group
  •  Aboriginal Counseling Services BBQ, Edmonton – Alberta Rose
  •  KaleidoFest performances – CKUA Ukulele choir, 118th Ave, Edmonton
  • Ukulele classes at Arts Day, Leo Nickerson Elementary School, St Albert
  •  Alberta Culture Days ukulele workshops, St Albert
  •  Alberta Culture Days ukulele performance, St Albert
  • Performing with Cheap Stix – Naked Cyber Cafe, Edmonton
  •  Reading Week – Meadowlark Christian School
  •  Private Event, Edmonton
  •  Spice Up Your Life variety show – Spruce Grove
  •  Performing w/ Cheap Stix – Cafe Blackbird, Edmonton
  •  Waldorf School performance – Edmonton CKUA ukulele choir
  • Christmas Bus Carolling – various locations throughout Sherwood Park
  • Christmas Ukulele Workshop – Festival Place, Sherwood Park
  •  Cheap Stix performance – Bourbon Room, St Albert
  •  Student concert (Guitar/Bass Guitar) – Ironwood Seniors Home, St Albert
  •  Student Christmas Recital (ukuleles) – St Albert Place, St Albert


  •  Private events
  • Ukulele Circle – St Albert Library
  •  Hawaian music concert – Edmonton
  •  World Ukulele Day Concert – West Edmonton Mall
  •  Studio recording
  •  Ukulele workshop – Bruce, Alberta
  •  DOXA Conference
  • Abundant Life Church, Edmonton – playing for church service
  •  RiverFest performance, St Albert – Alberta Rose events group
  • Studio Recording
  •  St Albert Music Instruction music festival
  • St Albert Artwalk – St Albert Ukulele group
  • hosting ukulele workshop – St Albert (pm)
  •  leading Edmonton Ukulele Circle – Cafe Bogani, Edmonton
  •  Studio recording session – Twisted Wood Guitars, Edmonton (pm)
  • Glendale Golf and Country Club – guitar/violin duo, Edmonton
  •   Ukulele workshop, Blueberry Bluegrass Festival – Stony Plain
  •  leading Chautauqua ukulele event (Canada 150 musical celebration) – Festival Place, Sherwood Park
  •  Winspear Centre, Edmonton w/ CKUA Radio Ukulele Choir
  •  KaleidoFest, w/ CKUA Radio Ukulele Choir – 118th Ave, Edmonton
    Edmonton Guitar Show – the Italian Centre, Edmonton
  •  Elementary Schools ukulele workshop, Leo Nickerson Elementary School, St Albert
  • West Edmonton Christian Assembly School of Worship – teaching session
  •  Ukulele Performances, Reading Week celebration, Meadowlark Christian School, Edmonton
  • : Guitar improvisation workshop – Sturgeon Composite High School, Namao
  •  Private event, Ben Todd music group – Edmonton
  • Christmas Ukulele Workshop – Festival Place, Sherwood Park
  •  Christmas Concert, Ironwood Seniors Home – guitar/bass/double bass students
  • Christmas Concert, St Albert Library – ukulele students group

More previous events:

Since 2011, I have played for weddings, funerals, corporate events, church conferences, private parties and house concerts throughout Western Canada.

Between 2001-2010, I played internationally, throughout the following countries:
Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, Wales, France, Republic of Ireland, Denmark, India and Tunisia.

I have a number of different types of groups available to play special events, and I play events most weeks. Here are some of the concerts, functions and corporate bookings of the past few years:


  • 9th Annual DOXA Canada Conference (Radisson Hotel, Edmonton) – Matt Day Band
  • Caritas Villa (Misericordia Hospital) – Bluegrass Breaks
  • Edmonton Icelandic Club Banquet (Dutch Centre, Edmonton) – Alberta Rose
  • John Janzen Nature Centre – Edmonton Ukulele Circle
  • Lifestyle Expo Trade Fair (Servus Place) – St Albert Strummers
  • Riverfest, St Albert – Alberta Rose
  • Rotary Club Banquet and Auction (Hilton Hotel, Edmonton) – Thursdays
  • St Albert Artwalk (St Albert) – Alberta Rose
  • St Albert Artwalk (St Albert) – St. Albert Strummers
  • St. Albert Music Instruction Student Recitals
  • St Albert Ukulele Circle events (St Albert Library)
  • Studio Sessions – Twisted Wood Instruments
  • Ukrainian Heritage Village (Edmonton) – St Albert Strummers
  • Ukulele House Party (Wabamun Lake, Alberta)
  • World Ukulele Day Concert (West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton) [With St. Albert Music Instruction Students]
  • Youth Conference (Northlands Expo Centre, Edmonton) – Thursdays
  •  Canada Day Concert  (Lions Park, St Albert)
  •  Aboriginal Counseling Services Client Dinner (Edmonton)
  •  Touchmark Seniors Centre (Edmonton)
  •  Studio Recording – w/ Beth Portman
  • Fort Edmonton Park (CKUA Radio Ukulele Orchestra)
  •  Music in the Park (Springbrook Park, Bon Accord) :
  • Winspear Centre, Edmonton (CKUA Orchestra)
  •  Extendicare Eaux-Claire Seniors Home residency (Edmonton)
  •  Symphony under the Sky (Hawrelak Park-VIP Section)
  •  Kaleido Family Arts Festival (CKUA Radio Ukulele Orchestra)
  •  Accompanist for Westwood Unitarian Church concert (Edmonton)
  •  St Albert Culture Days
  • Ironwood Seniors Home
  • Youville Seniors Home


  • ALPHA supper music – West Edmonton Christian Assembly
  • Aspen Lodge (Morinville) [With St. Albert Music Instruction Students]
  • Capital Care Strathcona (Sherwood Park) – Bluegrass Breaks
  • Chateau Mission Seniors Home (St Albert) – Bluegrass Breaks)
  • Chateau Sturgeon Lodge (Legal) [With St. Albert Music Instruction Students]
  • Churchill Manor (Edmonton) – Bluegrass Breaks
  • Dark Skies/Summer Equinox Festival (Bon Accord) – Bluegrass Breaks
  • Glendale Golf and Country Club (Edmonton) – Thursdays
  • Holyrood Seniors Home (Edmonton) – Bluegrass Breaks
  • Inner Revolution Conference (Radisson Hotel, Edmonton) – Matt Day Band
  • Ironwood Seniors Home (St Albert) [With St. Albert Music Instruction Students]
  • Jasper Place Continuing Care Centre (Edmonton) – Bluegrass Breaks
  • Kingswood Park (St Albert) – Alberta Rose
  • Lewis Estates (Edmonton) – Bluegrass Breaks
  • Pembina Seniors Lodge (Westlock) – Bluegrass Breaks
  • Polaris Winter Scout Camp (Edmonton) – Bluegrass Breaks
  • Private Function (Edmonton) – Alberta Rose
  • Private Party (Devon) – Alberta Rose
  • Private Party (Edmonton) – Alberta Rose
  • Rainmaker Rodeo Parade (St Albert) – Thursdays
  • Recording Session (St Albert) – Alberta Rose
  • Rosedale Assisted Living (St Albert) – Bluegrass Breaks
  • Rosedale Manor (Edmonton) – Bluegrass Breaks
  • Rotary Park Canada Day Celebration (St Albert) – Alberta Rose
  • St Albert Art Gallery (St Albert) – Thursdays
  • St Albert Ukulele Meet (St Albert)
  • St Michaels Seniors Home (Edmonton) – Bluegrass Breaks
  • Sitar Recital (Convocation Hall, University of Alberta) – Indian Music Academy
  • Spruce Grove Elevator Society Event (Spruce Grove) – Alberta Rose
  • Strathcona Alzheimer Care Centre (Sherwood Park) – Bluegrass Breaks
  • Studio Recording (MacEwan University, Edmonton) – Alberta Rose
  • Studio Recording (Edmonton) – Bluegrass Breaks
  • Sunrise Village (Camrose) – Bluegrass Breaks
  • Symphony under the Sky (Hawrelak Park, Edmonton) – Instrumental Trio
  • Taylor Seminary (Graduation Banquet) – Bluegrass/Gospel Ensemble
  • Taylor Seminary Jubileers event (Edmonton) – Bluegrass Trio
  • West Edmonton Christian Assembly (Edmonton) – Bluegrass/Gospel Ensemble
  • Youville Home (St Albert) – Bluegrass Breaks


  • Aspen Seniors Lodge (Morinville) – Bluegrass Breaks
  • Brewbakers Pub (Fort MacMurray) – Treblebusters
  • Caleb Manor (Edmonton) – Bluegrass Breaks
  • Cardiff/Morinville Country Jamboree – Bluegrass Group
  • Carrot Café (Edmonton) – Rock Duo [Open Mic]
  • Chateau Mission Home (St Albert) – Bluegrass Breaks
  • Churchill Manor (Edmonton) – Bluegrass Breaks [Dinner Dance]
  • Clarke Stadium (Edmonton) – The Hipsters [Wildcats Football Half-Time Show]
  • Community Church Barbecue (Edmonton) – Bluegrass Breaks [Community Event]
  • Devonshire Care Home (Edmonton) – Bluegrass Breaks
  • Edmonton Street Party (Edmonton) – The Hipsters [Street Party]
  • Fig Tree Book Store (Edmonton) – Gospel Trio [Special Store Event]
  • Grand Union Hotel (Athabasca) – TrebleBusters
  • Holyrood Extended Care Home (Edmonton) – Bluegrass Breaks
  • International Children’s Festival (St Albert) – Featuring Jacob Kryger, Blake Paul, Mike Roste & Steve Simpson [Busking]
  • Ironwood Estates (St Albert) – Bluegrass Breaks
  • Jasper Place Continuing Care Centre (Edmonton) – Bluegrass Breaks
  • Jubilee Lodge (Edmonton) – Ukulele Duo [Birthday Celebration]
  • La Crema Caffe (St Albert) – The Hipsters [Private Function]
  • Laurier House (Sherwood Park ) – Bluegrass Breaks
  • Lewis Estates Senior’s Centre (Edmonton) – Bluegrass Breaks
  • Pembina Seniors Lodge (Westlock) – Bluegrass Breaks
  • Picnic in Glastonbury Park (Edmonton) – Jazz Quartet featuring Matt Day & Wes Yaciuk
  • Private Function (Athabasca) – TrebleBusters
  • Private Residence (St Albert) – The Hipsters [Surprise Birthday Celebration]
  • River Rats Festival (Athabasca) – TrebleBusters [Music Festival]
  • Riverfest Festival (St. Albert) – The Hipsters [Community Event]
  • Rosedale Griesbach (Edmonton) – Bluegrass Breaks [Birthday Celebration]
  • Rosedale Seniors Home (St Albert) – Bluegrass Breaks
  • Rotary Park (St Albert) – The Hipsters [Grand Opening Celebration]
  • Scouts Canada (Edmonton) – Bluegrass Trio [Winter Camp Entertainment]
  • Seniors’ Outreach Network Society (Edmonton) – Events Trio [Dinner Party]
  • Smithfield Seniors Home (Westlock) – Bluegrass Breaks
  • St Albert Farmers Market (St. Albert) – Treblebusters
  • St Michaels’ Extended Care (Edmonton) – Bluegrass Breaks
  • Strathcona Alzheimer Care Centre (Sherwood Park) – Bluegrass Breaks
  • Taylor Seminary Dinner (Edmonton) – Bluegrass/Gospel Group
  • Touchmark Senior Centre (Edmonton) – Bluegrass Breaks
  • Ukulele Jam (Edmonton)
  • West Edmonton Christian Assembly (Edmonton) [Alpha Course Accompaniment, Bluegrass/Gospel Concerts, Morning & Evening Services, Special Events & Services]
  • Westlock Hospital Long-Term Care – Bluegrass Breaks
  • Whistlestop Pub (Jasper) – TrebleBusters
  • Youville Seniors Home (St. Albert) – Bluegrass Breaks


  • Arcadia (St Albert) – Celtic Music Duo [Remembrance Day Service]
  • Carrot Café (Edmonton) – Bluegrass Trio [Open Mic]
  • Fig Tree Book Store (Edmonton) – Gospel Trio [Special Store Event]
  • Ironwood Seniors Centre (St Albert) – Bluegrass Breaks
  • La Crema Caffe (St Albert) – Bluegrass Trio [Private Function]
  • Private Function (Edmonton) – Classic Rock Band
  • Private Function (Morinville) – Celtic Group
  • Private Residence (Edmonton) – Celtic Group
  • Private Residence (Stony Plain) – Classic Rock Band [Birthday Celebration]
  • Senior Citizens Home (Edmonton) – Bluegrass Breaks
  • Sir Alexander Mackenzie Junior High School (St Albert) – The Hipsters [Christmas Party]
  • St Albert Childrens’ Festival (St Albert) – Accompanist
  • St Albert Farmers Market (St Albert) – Singer/Songwriter Showcase
  • St Albert Royal Legion (St Albert) – Jazz Duo [Wedding Dinner]
  • The Studio (Edmonton) – Rock Trio [Mike Roste Album Launch]
  • Tommy Bahamas (Edmonton) – Folk/Rock Trio [Special Store Event]
  • West Edmonton Christian Assembly (Edmonton) – Contemporary Christian Music Group [Morning, Evening & Christmas Services; Church Conference]
  • West Edmonton Christian Assembly (Edmonton) – Solo [Accompanist for Church Choir]
  • Youville Home (St. Albert) – Bluegrass Breaks